Do you know why Tram Huong Vietnam supplies ingredients for green and hi-end agarwood incense stick? Agarwood incense stick has been growing rapidly recently. Along with hi-end branded products, there are so many low-end ones approaching end-users. Therefore, Tram Huong Vietnam aims to be a reliable hub for high quality yet safe agarwood powder for as many as possible  production units that end-users can benefit from.
As you may know the quality of green and hi-end agarwood incense stick almost depends on the ingredients source that may result from the quality of the aquilaria (artificial agarwood) and natural litsea. With more than 10 ha area of aquilaria, Tram Huong Vietnam has proactively built up the large amount source of high quality yet safe ingredients for agarwood incense stick that can be used for both enterprises as well as family owned units who are dealing in agarwood incense stick.
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Agarwood powder from Tram Huong Vietnam contains 5% agarwood resin induced through biological agent. The powder is grinded through 2 stages: from large tree to slice then grinded into fine powder with nice color without any impurity thanks to closed process, skillful workers and modern technology. Hotline: 0989 084 349 – 0126 434 4812



Agarwood powder then mixed with natural litsea of appropriate ratio from which creates unique fragrance for end product. With high content of agarwood oil, agarwood powder from Tram Huong Viet Nam can be used for direct burn, home fumigation, zen and relaxation.

Agarwood incense stick making process


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